There are over 70 classes at Movement Tweed! This means it’s easier than ever to find your movement, from high energy Les Mills classes to super chill yoga. Here we believe “any movement is good movement” so come on in and try out a class today.

Daylight Savings Timetable commencing 7th October


New look Tweed timetable.png
New look Tweed timetable.png


Reception hours: Mon-Thurs 8:00am - 7:00pm, Fri 8.00am -5pm, Sat 8:00am - 12:00pm Public holidays:  24/7 access only, classes vary.  Kids Club: Mon to Wed 8.15 – 11.45am & 4.30 – 7.00pm, Thurs & Fri 8.15 – 11.45am, Sat 7.25 – 10:45am.  Bookings Essential the day before on (07) 5506 3506.  Contact us on (07) 5523 3438 or 

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All classes are included in your membership except for Reformer Pilates where you will need a Reformer Pilates membership to attend.  All fitness levels catered for with options. Please let your instructor know if you are new or have any restrictions. Please be on time for you class, late comers may be asked to leave.



High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) utilizing MyZone.  Mixed classes with body weight, suspension, kettlebells, functional strength and cardio training. A workout that will keep you accountable whilst recording your hard work.


The fastest way to change your body shape. Adjustable weight loaded barbells allow you to increase your lean muscle mass (without building ‘bulk’) burning more calories and ensuring awesome muscle tone as well as improving your posture. 


This 30-minute-high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout takes you into overdrive to go hard, push harder and get you fitter, super-fast! Short, sharp, demanding workouts combine weightlifting, running and plyometrics for a full body workout.


A 1-hour circuit targeting strength and fitness.  This class is a body changing experience.



A cardio program using an adjustable step to challenge cardio fitness and develop leg strength. Great way to tone thighs and butt.


A 30 or 45-minute bike class based on power output. Using precise numbers on the console to get you fitter, stronger, leaner – faster. All levels welcome.


Work through boxing technique with focus mitts and pads. A high energy workout awesome for building fitness, strength and burning calories.


For absolute calorie destruction! Fantastic for shaping and toning your lower body and dramatically increasing your fitness levels as you cycle through varying terrains with powerful music to provide a stimulating and motivating atmosphere. 


A low impact class that will focus on improving cardio fitness, overall toning and increase core strength. Suitable for all fitness levels.


First Friday of every month at Tweed 5.30pm, we are going to schedule a different program. For a gold coin donation members and non-members can attend it! All money will go to a selected charity. Kids club available, bookings essential.



A 30-minute strength workout that trains the stabilising trunk muscles. Ideal for tightening the tummy and butt while 

also improving functional strength and assisting in injury prevention.


45mins to focus on strengthening and shaping your abs, butts and legs using body weight, plate weight and resistance bands.



The complete mind and body experience. A unique combination of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi to improve core strength, posture and flexibility and enhance overall wellbeing. The perfect antidote for a busy life.


A dynamic Yoga class that includes both sustained poses as well as flow to build strength and enhance flexibility. Attention is given to both breath and alignment, finishing with meditation and relaxation


A therapeutic class that is meditative, slow paced, and helps balance an active lifestyle. Exploring long deep stretching to enhance flexibility and joint mobility while encouraging healing and realigning the body’s connective tissues. All levels welcome. 


A fun, energetic workout inspired from both dance and pilates that will strengthen and tone postural muscles.

Pilates Mat Pilates 

An overall body conditioning class that will improve flexibility, build strength and develop core control. Emphasis is placed on both alignment and breathing throughout the class.

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates members only Bookings Essential.  If you would like more information about our Reformer Pilates Membership, please talk to one of our team.

The reformer is a pilates apparatus designed to add resistance and support to a classical pilates workout.   Emphasizing core breath, core stabilisation, and full body awareness. A full-body workout strengthening your deepest abdominal muscles while sculpting your legs, arms, and back.  Beginner classes (45 min) are recommended for any new members or those with restrictions. Beginner classes will familiarise you with the equipment and technique.
Reformer A – Advanced Reformer B – Beginner