Personal Training

Start off on the right track

Personal training whether 1:1 or in small groups of 4 – 6 is simply the fastest, safest and most motivating way for you to achieve your desired goals.

It is a fact that a trainer adds 4 times more effectiveness to your workouts & from our own experience they make every session so much more fun!

When you smash your goal way ahead of schedule its a great feeling – our PTs are here to make that journey fun & achievable in a safe environment.

Tweed Fitness Club also runs Small Group Training run by our PT team utilising all the innovative training techniques combined with the super motivation & expert guidance of our trainers – check out the timetable in club for a taste of what personal training can help you achieve!

YOUR GOALS – YOUR RESULTS……..QUICKER & with loads of MOTIVATION – give the team a call for a 1:1 session and experience the difference