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Veteran Health Services

Veteran Health Association (VHA) - striving for optimal health through active participation in life. 

Optimising Veteran Health through providing high quality, specialist physiotherapy, exercise physiology and psychology services. 

Movement Health & Fitness is proud to be able to offer a service of such high calibre to our nations Veterans. 

Through integrated practitioner support in a welcoming environment, VHA provide ex-service men and women with individual treatment plans that optimise health & well being. 

VHA’s multi disciplinary approach allows for support to a broad scope of concerns and conditions - from chronic pain and injury to PTSD, social interaction and weight management.

With all sessions held under one roof in a health club setting, key specialists work shoulder to shoulder with every client to achieve personally relevant, realistic and achievable goals.  

Go to https://www.veteranhealth.com.au for more info.